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Branding Refresh and Logo/Website Redesign

If you have any questions, please email your inquiries to Public Relations and Communications Manager Patricia Krogh prior to noon January 16, 2017 at pakrogh@havenhospice.org and they will be answered here. Questions and answers will be updated by 5 p.m. each busines day between January 3 - 16. All questions and answers will be posted and updated by noon on January 18, 2017. 

Questions and Answers 

Q: Is the intention to keep the name “Haven Hospice” or to reposition the organization with a new name reflecting the expanded mission? Is there a preference to keep “Haven” as a part of the name, given the existing brand awareness in your service areas?

A: The intention is to keep the name “Haven” given our existing brand awareness and drop the “hospice” to expand the mission.

Q: Can you please clarify the connection with the VNA? Will that entity remain with a separate brand identity; will it be co-branded or will that merge with the new Haven brand?

A: Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice of the Florida Keys (VNA/HFK) is not included in this RFP because VNA/HFK is an affiliate which is to remain a separate entity from us for the next few years. In the future, the two offices in Monroe County will just become two more locations in our service area map and VNA/HFK will no longer exist. So, you do not need to address VNA/HFK in this RFP.

Q: Are there new, specific service lines that are being introduced in conjunction with the brand identity (i.e. Home Care, Home Health, Alzheimer’s Care, etc.?)

A: We remain, at this time and for the purposes of this RFP, as a hospice organization. As indicated in the RFP, the desire is to come into the lives of patients and families earlier in their end-of-life journey with advanced care illness services and advanced care planning services. Just to clarify, we don’t seek to bring curative treatments or treat diseases, but to offer support programs and services to better meet the challenges of facing a life-limiting illness. Please review our Annual Community Report on our website in the press room to give you an idea of our programs and services.

Q: Can you please clarify what deliverables are sought in reference to “brand messaging” that has been referenced (i.e. a tagline, an advertising campaign, talking points for internal and external audiences, key words that reference the brand voice and personality)?

A: The messaging can be a tagline; brief, key talking points; or key words that would be for external audiences that would reference the brand voice and personality as you envision it.

Q: Are you asking for a comprehensive brand standards guide that will outline logo and overall brand implementation, similar to the existing document?

A: We are not asking for a standards guide. We are only asking for the items in the list of deliverables contained in the RFP.

Q: In reference to the request for “SEO for website content,” are you intending to provide copy for the site based on strategic content recommendations the selected firm will make, or are you asking for us to provide copywriting services for all new content on the site?

A: We are asking for SEO recommendations for web content that we will eventually create.  

Q: Will there be any maintenance, editing or updating responsibilities for the website going beyond the initial design, or will Haven fully manage upkeep once the website is built and launched on June 30, 2017?

A: We are seeking a re-designed website which would work for mobile and tablet that has an editing interface that Haven will fully own and maintain at the end of the project on June 30.  

Q: What types of conversions are you seeking to measure and impact through the new website (i.e. visitors, patient referrals, donations, event registrations)?

A: Haven is moving in a new direction and seeks to be viewed as an innovative advanced illness care solution that will solve the problems of the patient, family and referral source. We seek to join them early on in their journey with messaging, images and content that they can quickly identify with and that simply and clearly defines who we are and what we can do for them. Seeking to measure and impact physician, referral source, patient and family visitors would be our main focus while our secondary focus will be the other key pages such as donations, volunteers, special events, etc.

Q: Will the selected firm have access to the organization’s strategic plan and the annual marketing plan?

A: Haven will share some of this propriety information with the selected firm.

Q: Will the selected firm have access to Haven’s data measures on community perceptions, referral source surveys/feedback, census trends and competitor analyses for our research purposes? Or will the selected firm need to conduct this research as a part of the brand positioning and identity development?

A: We have conducted some surveys and have some available research for the discovery portion of the project that we will share with the selected firm.

Is the RFP to be delivered electronically or do you prefer a produced piece that is delivered in person or by mail? If produced: what address should it be delivered to, to whose attention should it be addressed, and how many copies would you like?

A: Please email one copy of your submittal in pdf format by the deadline of January 23, 2017 at 5 p.m. to Public Relations and Communications Manager Patricia Krogh pakrogh@havenhospice.org. If you think the pdf is going to be too large or have large attachment files, you can send a link via Dropbox or Hightail. Please note that the four top candidates will be asked to present in person to Haven representatives in Gainesville during the week in February listed in the RFP. 

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Haven Hospice 2017 Branding and Website Request for Proposal

Haven Hospice Style Guidelines

Haven Hospice Web Statistics April 1 - 30, 2016


Logistics and Set Up for Final Candidate Presentations

Non-Haven flash drives and laptops will not work in our meeting room computers due to security measures that are in place. Please send any slides to pakrogh@havenhospice.org the day before so that they can be uploaded into the meeting room A/V. There will be 16 commitee members who have the option to either attend in person or on the phone during the presentations. They have been chosen from a variety of departments and positions (both clinical and non-clinical) at Haven to ensure a fresh perspective. If you have handouts that you are preparing, you can send pdf versions to pakrogh@havenhospice.org the day before the presentation and they will be emailed to the group in case some last minute schedule changes will not allow committee members to attend. It is reccomended that teams bring enough hard copies for the whole group on the day of the presentation. 



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