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Advanced Illness Care Program FAQs

What is the Haven Advanced Illness Care (AIC) Program?

The Haven Medical Group offers patient-focused, family-centered care management addressing the needs of those individuals who are chronically ill and who are not ready for hospice. Haven Medical
Group will establish a care management infrastructure that will focus on care coordination across all settings emphasizing ongoing support provided by an integrated, dedicated multidisciplinary team.

What positive impact will I see with Haven AIC?

The Haven Medical Group are experts in preventing and alleviating suffering and specialize in improving your patient’s quality of life. Haven palliative care professionals will coordinate your patient’s care plan with you and other healthcare providers. An interdisciplinary palliative care team will address any social, psychological, emotional or spiritual needs your patient may have including promoting goals of care discussions with your patient and their family. This team will also offer support to your patient’s caregiver and loved ones, and will assist with the transition to the appropriate level of post-acute care.

How will the Haven AIC assist in positively impacting our organization?

The Haven AIC will reduce lengths of stay and trips to the emergency room by providing a continuum of care. Your patient will be seen daily until palliative care needs are resolved or the patient is discharged. While reducing unplanned admissions, unnecessary ancillaries and pharmaceuticals will also be reduced. All of these criteria will improve operating performance for your hospital. To ensure program success, Haven will work with you to regularly review our scorecard.

What will the clinical measurements of the scorecard look like?

Clinical measurements will include the following:

  • Severity of pain and other symptoms
  • Hospital sepsis mortality rate
  • Readmissions of palliative patients
  • Patient and family satisfaction
  • Hospice referrals and length of stay in hospice

What will the financial measurements of the scorecard look like?

Financial measurements will include the following:

  • Length of stay for hospital and ICU
  • Length of stay after palliative care consultation
  • Transfers out of ICU
  • Total cost per day before and after consultation
  • Pharmacy costs per day before and after consultation
  • Imaging costs per day before and after consultation
  • Lab costs per day before and after consultation

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