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NHDD ArtAs a community service, Haven Hospice is offering complimentary copies of the Five Wishes®, an advance directive tool. Don’t wait for a medical crisis to happen. Make your wishes known, and name the person who will speak for you when you can no longer speak for yourself. Complete the Five Wishes® today, so your family and friends won’t have to make those hard choices.

The Five Wishes®

  1. Who will make health care decisions for you when you can’t.
  2. The kind of medical treatment you want or do not want.
  3. What you want done for your physical comfort.
  4. What you want done for your emotional and spiritual comfort.
  5. What you want your loved ones to know.

Five Wishes® is easy to understand and complete - respected by doctors, lawyers, hospitals, faith communities, employers, retiree groups and hospices - and recognized in 42 states. If your circumstances change, or you change your mind, you can create a new advance directive at any time. Your advance directive gives you the opportunity to make you own choices about the kinds of care you receive, and your Five Wishes® are yours to keep or to change, as you wish.

Haven Hospice provides this booklet free of charge to encourage everyone to make their heathcare wishes known. Five Wishes® brochures are available in English or Spanish. Get your free copy here.

Are you interested in attending an event to learn more about Advance Directives? Click here to visit Haven's event calendar to find an event near you. 


Before I Die Wall Project

Haven is partnering with UF Health in Gainesville to participate in the Before I Die Wall project. The before I Die Wall is an international project that encourages people to reflect on their lives in the face of human morality. Over 2,000 walls have appeared in 70 different countries in 35 different languages.

The wall allows you to record your thoughts, hopes and dreams for a meaningful life.

Our hope is that you will consider completing and discussing your personal Advance Directives documents and wishes with your family and friends. What will you do before you die?

To learn more about the walls in Gainesville, visist the links below:


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