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Spiritual Care

The chaplains at Haven Hospice provide spiritual care and comfort to our patients and their families. Haven’s chaplains recognize that spirituality is unique to each person. For some, spirituality may be supported through organized rituals and traditions; others may find meaning in private meditative ways.

Your Haven chaplain can serve as a companion on your spiritual journey, offering a safe place to share feelings, prayers, questions, hopes and dreams. He or she respects your family’s culture and beliefs and can help you explore beliefs that have meaning to you. Your chaplain welcomes the opportunity to hear your stories and learn what has brought meaning to your life. He or she will encourage you to talk about life’s journey, family, dignity, suffering, love, goodbyes, unfinished business, beliefs, fears, afterlife and achievements.

Our chaplains have been called upon to assist family pastors, as well as officiate at weddings, funerals, baptisms and services of affirmation. They respond to any needs, such as community crises where their support may be needed. In addition, they serve an important role at Haven memorial services, which draw people from all over the community.

Your Haven chaplain will be glad to help you find other resources available to meet your spiritual needs.

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