Travelogue: Day 1

By Arthur Clark

ambassadors 1


The first leg of the flight departed Jacksonville at 2:15p.m. and it started out a little rough for me.  I had the furthest to travel to the airport, so wouldn't you know that I ended up being the last delegate to arrive.  The group pulled a clever trick on me and took a group photo using a sign that showed my name and a question mark. Once the group landed in Atlanta, we had a few hours to burn before Delta started boarding the 17 1/2 hour flight bound for Johannesburg, so we decided it would be a good idea to have dinner before we left.


The flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg was okay, for the most part, but there were moments the air got extremely rough.  I think it kept many of us awake, even though we were probably beyond jet lagged.  We touched down in Johannesburg around 5 p.m.,  local time.  Of course, we all took out our cameras and started taking pictures.  Vonceil, the person who knows no strangers, immediately asked one of the pilots to take a picture with us and he obliged.  I wasn't able to capture the picture, but by the time we were ready to leave the arriving gate, the entire Delta crew was in the area with us and our group was snapping pictures like crazy. 

 ambassadors 2




We picked up our bags, made our way to the Southern Sun Hotel shuttle and checked in for the evening.  Looks like another couple of hours of flying.  We have a scheduled 10:20 a.m. flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth in the morning.  We've traveled a long way, but we are almost to our destination.  Until tomorrow…please stay tuned! 

arthur clarkHaven Hospice Chief Information Officer Arthur Clark is one of five Haven Ambassadors chosen to travel to Grahamstown Hospice – our sister hospice organization in South Africa. The experience will provide an opportunity for the Haven Hospice Ambassadors to learn about end-of-life care in  South Africa and to bring insights back to Haven Hospice to share with their colleagues. The selected Haven Ambassadors come from a variety of career paths and will bring a wide-range of experiences to the exchange experience:  Pam Giebeig, hospice nurse; Tangela Wilson, respiratory therapist; and Vonceil Levine and Katie Alphahando, clinical social workers.