This morning started out when Ross called at 6 a.m.  He sounded like he had been up for hours and that he was beyond happy to be doing what he does every day.  He also sounded surprised that I actually answered the phone, but I wanted to make up for the evening drive that I missed yesterday trying to catch up on my sleep. 

After I arrived at the lodge area, Pam mentioned that Katie and Vonceil stayed up so late the night before that neither of them would be going.  Tangela had participated in three drives yesterday, so I’m guessing she decided to get a little sleep as well.  So off I went with Pam, Ranger Ross and Tracker Stuckey. 

The morning was beautiful and it wasn’t cold or windy.  We were on the lookout for leopards and to experience a different part of the reserve that we hadn’t seen yet.  When we made it about half way through the three-hour drive, Ross asked us if we wanted to stop for “tea time” or a light snack but Pam and I wanted to press on.   We did not see a leopard, but Pam and I both believe that at least one of our photos will certainly be a top competitor in the AvMed calendar contest for 2014.

After we arrived back to the lodge, freshened up and packed our bags, we headed out about 11:30 a.m. to the reception center.  Did I mention that it is a 30-minute drive just to get from where we slept to the place we had to check out from?  This reserve is huge!  We also had time to shop for family and friends. Courtney, Vonceil did get a few things for your VIVA! 2014 event. 

We headed out to Port Alfred and I just sat back and enjoyed listening to the others talk about what they saw over the past few days.  Half-way through the drive to Port Alfred, David Barker had his family meet us at the Pig and Whistle Pub and we had a light snack.  David’s family is very beautiful and of course, his wife is a saint for allowing us to take up so much of his time while we’ve been here.  I made a point to tell her that when I saw her. 

After leaving the Pig and Whistle, we arrived at our bed and breakfast for the next two days of home visits.  After dinner, we had our meeting to discuss our plans to raise money for Grahamstown and Sunshine Coast Hospice. Do I have to tell you that having this many strong personalities in a room together results in our talking over one another?  Nah, I’m sure you could have figured that out on your own.  At least those of you that know us personally. 

After about an hour of this, Pam decided she had enough. She announced that we weren’t going to solve the questions we had tonight and that we had 10 more minutes of her time until she was going to bed.  I cracked up laughing because Pam doesn’t usually speak out like that but I’m guessing she was tired, just like I was.   I’m sure tomorrow will bring something totally different for us.  Until then…

ArthurHaven Hospice Chief Information Officer Arthur Clark is one of five Haven Ambassadors chosen to travel to Grahamstown Hospice – our sister hospice organization in South Africa. The experience will provide an opportunity for the Haven Hospice Ambassadors to learn about end-of-life care in South Africa and to bring insights back to Haven Hospice to share with their colleagues. The selected Haven Ambassadors come from a variety of career paths and will bring a wide-range of experiences to the exchange experience: Pam Giebeig, hospice nurse; Tangela Wilson, respiratory therapist; and Vonceil Levine and Katie Alphahando, clinical social workers.