Richard Bonenfant

In the Photo (l. to r.): Author Richard Bonenfant and his brother Denis Bonenfant.

Local Author Donates Sales of Sci-Fi Novel to Haven Hospice

In Memory of His Brother

Gainesville, Florida  (July 3, 2014) – “My brother Denis had a very heroic battle with cancer,” said Richard Bonenfant, author of the science fiction novel, The Kendall Stone published in 2013. “I was very impressed with how Haven took care of him, so I wanted to do something for him and for Haven Hospice.”

Retired from The Malcom Randall VA Medical Center Psychiatry Department in Gainesville, Richard dedicated his second science fiction novel, The Kendall Stone to his brother and is donating all of the book sales to Haven Hospice. The proceeds will support unreimbursed programs and services for patients and families.

“My brother and I connected at such a deep level. He was a fantastic person, so intelligent. I still think about him often,” said Richard who now lives in Spring Hill, Florida.  “When I lost that connection, I wanted to give back to Haven and give my brother a tribute. The novel is the only thing I had of worth. It was a critical time for our family and we could not have asked for better treatment and dedication from Haven.”

The Kendall Stone is about a university professor who works with a gifted, young psychic to understand the significance of an object that fell to earth in the Adirondack Mountains. “I have always been interested in medicine, enhanced consciousness and paranormal phenomena.  I have met so many people who can do some incredible things that go unnoticed by the scientific community,” said Richard who retired from his first career with the New York State Department of Health before moving to Florida.

The author weaves politics, intrigue and interesting scientific detail into this positive story about alien contact. “The object that falls to earth is a communications and research device created by a moral alien race that has tremendous technology but has lost the ability to love,” said Richard who was inspired to write a third novel after receiving a thoughtful, two-page review on The Kendall Stone from South Africa.  The Kendall Stone and other works by the author are available on