Volunteer violinist

 Paul Hahn with his niece, Ji Won Park and wife, Imsung Hahn

Volunteer Violinist from South Korea Plays for Haven Hospice Patients

Jacksonville, Florida  (August 8, 2014)— Ji Won Park volunteered to play the violin for Haven Hospice patients at the Southpoint Terrace Nursing Home during her trip to the United States to fulfill the wishes of her uncle.

Park came to the states to attend a summer camp in New York but came to Jacksonville first to visit with her family. Her uncle, Paul Hahn requested that she play in honor of his first wife who passed away in February of 2004.

While she was being cared for, a volunteer provided musical entertainment for them. “It is one of my most cherished memories,” said Hahn who believed the music was a great comfort to him and his first wife. “I have often wished that I too could have an opportunity to serve patients in the same way that this volunteer violinist blessed our family.”

Hahn’s niece, who has played the violin since she was 7 years old, currently plays in the orchestra at Onnuri Church in Seoul, South Korea and is a senior at Sungshin University.

“I asked her if she would be willing to play for patients on my behalf,” said Hahn who has since remarried to Imsung Hahn. “I am so happy for the opportunity to pay back what I once got to appreciate.”

Park played for more than an hour at the nursing home and hopes to visit again before the end of her trip.