Custead Care Center Yoho

Haven Hospice Orange Park Administrator Dr. Al Rizer with wife, Jackie Rizer, Congressman Ted Yoho with wife, Carolyn Yoho, Haven Hospice Orange Park Patient Care Manager Ann Berry, Haven Hospice Secretary Sandy Dunevent,  Haven Hospice Vice President of Community and Legislative Affairs Jim Poole and Haven Hospice Vice President of Business Development Bill Garrett.

Haven Hospice Hosts Ted Yoho at Custead Care Center

Orange Park, Florida  (Aug. 20, 2014)—Congressman Ted Yoho visited the Custead Care Center on August 7 to discuss Medicare Part D and the impacts it will have on Haven Hospice.

“Congressman Yoho has taken an active role in learning more about hospice care through his visits to Haven. He understands and supports rules that set guidelines for a patient to receive the best care that should be provided,” said Poole. “We’re his hometown hospice and we’re glad to be that resource for him.”

Haven cared for Yoho’s mother before she moved to Ohio to be closer to her daughter. After several visits to Haven to learn more about hospice care, Yoho donated his mother’s household items to the Haven Hospice Attic Resale Store in Chiefland.