“The pillows remind me of my daughter which is very comforting,” said Haven Hospice Orange Park Volunteer Ethel Gallagher of the two Hug Me Again Pillows she received from fellow volunteer Pamela Schuette.

The two pillows were created from a track suit that belonged to Gallagher’s eldest daughter. “I never thought about it, and the clothes were just hanging in my closet,” said Gallagher. “I had seen these great pillows that were created and thought this would be a great way to remember my daughter.”

Gallagher has been volunteering with Haven for approximately two years. “I lost all of my children to cancer, and I got through that because of the encouragement I received,” said Gallagher, a bereavement volunteer who spends her time working with families who have experienced the loss of a loved one in the Orange Park area. “I felt I would be a valuable asset to other people experiencing this transition in their lives.”

The pillows were created by Pamela Schuette who started volunteering with Haven five months ago in Macclenny. “I served on the board of directors for a hospice organization in Maryland, so when I relocated to Florida, I wanted to volunteer my time with a local organization,” said Pamela of her decision to join the Haven team. “I was originally attracted to hospice work because I believe it provides valuable services. When I lost both of my parents, they didn’t have access to hospice services.”

Pamela also created five pillows for Ethel out of a scarf that belonged to her youngest daughter. “When I gave the pillows to my grandchildren, they asked me if I washed the scarf before the pillows were created. I hadn’t,” said Ethel. “They hugged the pillows tightly and said they could smell their mother.”