“I referred many, many patients to Haven Hospice during my career,” said Dr. Scott Medley, retired chief medical officer of North Florida Regional Medical Center. “I really enjoyed and appreciated what Haven did for my patients. So when I retired, I saw volunteering with Haven as a great opportunity.”

Scott and his wife, Faye, have been volunteering with Haven since they retired in 2012. Scott volunteers his time teaching patient caregiver and vigil volunteer classes for Haven. During the patient caregiver classes, Scott shares what it means to be a volunteer for Haven and how volunteers can best support patients and their families. 

However, Scott’s time volunteering with Haven hasn’t been confined to just the classroom. He has even spent time as an administrative assistant at the E.T. York Care Center when needed. “I worked the front desk at the care center from 8 a.m. until noon on Christmas just because I thought no one else would want to do that,” said Scott who graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine before completing his medical training in the United States (U.S.) Army. “

“Also, because our children didn’t come home for Christmas this year,” said Faye who volunteers her time with Haven assisting patient caregivers. “I’ve always had great respect for hospice organizations and have a first-hand perspective of all the good they can do.” Faye has been a nurse since 1969 and spent 25 years as an instructor at the University of Florida College of Nursing. “My brother was the first person in our community, many years ago, to receive hospice services.”

The couple met in 1970 at the University of Kentucky Medical Center where Scott was a medical student and Faye had just started her nursing career. The two have been married for 40 years and relocated to Gainesville in 1979. Working and living in Gainesville helped build their relationship with Haven.