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  • Nutrition Nuggets: Shakes

    Shakes and smoothies are an easy way to consume a lot of calories, protein and other important nutrients when eating enough food can be challenging. They can be made in many different flavors so that food remains interesting and appealing to patients.

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  • Nutrition Nuggets: Probiotics

    Did you know that over 400 species of microorganisms call your digestive system home and the majority are not only beneficial, but are absolutely essential for good health? These helpful bacteria are called probiotics which means “for life.”

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  • Nutrition Nuggets: Pressure Sores

    Proper nutrition is critical for maintaining skin health and preserving lean body tissue. Both of these are common problems at the end of life, but much can be done to minimize the damage that can easily develop when a patient is bedbound and not taking in sufficient nutrients.

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  • Nutrition Nuggets: Reducing Problems with Swallowing

    Learn more about the steps you can take to reduce problems with swallowing.

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  • Nutrition Nuggets: Nutrition During Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy can make eating difficult as problems with nausea, a lack of saliva, mouth sores, diarrhea and constipation are common along with fatigue, anxiety and depression. Any one of these side effects would create nutritional issues and patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation often face multiple challenges.

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