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Spiritual Care

It is our desire to honor the value of your personal spiritual journey. Spiritual may include religious beliefs, rites and rituals. It may include only non-religious points of meaning for you or your cultural practices and beliefs. Perhaps it includes both.

The Haven Hospice Spirtual Care Team is here to offer patients and families support, a listening ear, and helpful spiritual care. How you understand yourself, your beliefs, meaningful events, hopes, regrets, relationships and so much more are distinctive to you. The way we relate to others and world around us impacts our life’s journey and is often times a place of reflection during the days ahead. 

Our spiritual care providers welcome the opportunity to listen to you and learn what has brought meaning to your life or what has brought suffering and sadness. Honoring the story of our lives is a rich tradition across all cultures throughout history and may serve to integrate one’s life’s  experiences into a meaningful whole. If you have a Pastor, Rabbi, Imam, or other person who is important to your spiritual journey, we would be glad to help contact that person for you. At Haven Hospice we want you to have access to the people and spiritual resources you desire including music, poetry, sacred literature, prayer shawls, art and ritual.

For a visit from a spirtual care provider, please mention it to any member of your Haven Care Team.

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