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Where Is Hospice Care Received?

Hospice care is provided wherever the patient calls home.  Most often care is provided in the patient’s home but is also available in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

A family member or close friend serves as the primary caregiver when you are cared for in your private home and members of our interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers and chaplains will visit to support the patient and family. Medical equipment and supplies needed to support the patient during hospice care will be delivered to you.

When a crisis develops or when symptoms become too difficult to manage at home, short-term care can be provided in one of Haven’s inpatient care centers or a local hospital.

When home is a long-term care or assisted living facility, the Haven team will work with the facility staff to provide the best possible care and see to it that psychosocial and spiritual needs are met.

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